ONO LLC - Let us assist you

With over 25 years of expertise, we've been at the forefront of building, launching, managing, and analyzing software projects. Our diverse experience spans startups, global corporations, and nonprofits, specializing in a variety of domains.

Software Development & Cybersecurity:

  • Crafting and managing static sites & web applications.
  • Developing mobile applications tailored to your needs.
  • Engineering solutions for hardware projects.
  • Architecting and optimizing cloud infrastructure.

Our Track Record Speaks Volumes:

  • Successfully built, scaled, and secured platforms with millions of active users.
  • Expertly thwarted nation-state cyber adversaries.
  • Holders of several groundbreaking patents.
  • Trusted by globally-recognized brands.
  • Committed to delivering impactful work.
  • Driven by an unwavering passion to deliver.


  • Details available upon request.
  • Our client list is confidential due to the sensitive nature of our work.