Talking to myself - there's an app for that

So while walking the other day, I noticied the audio in my headphones got quiet all of a sudden.

Using ChatGPT for creative purposes

I was having ChatGPT do some anagrams for me on a username I use and I also had it do the same on ‘Nikolai Tesla’.

K-2SO copying data from another droid

I just re-watched Rogue One the other day…and besides loving K-2SO (and Alan Tudyk), I noticed something new.

Trouble getting `pod install` to work in React Native

Just make sure you have Xcode installed first. That’s it.

Stop Skynet

Start early, start now. Say please and thank you to ChatGPT and any other conversational AI.

Web skills A+ easter egg

If you have a minute or two, open my personal blog in incognito mode in Chrome.